It is said that no matter how the world perceives you on the basis of outer appearance, for parents, their child is always the most beautiful one. But unfortunately, when Adam was born, his parents weren’t too happy to see him. Their unwillingness to accept their newborn was such that they just wanted to leave him or poison him to death. 

Why? Because the child was born without a nose, eyelids or hands, and his legs were fused together. And the parents were ashamed of his looks.


But there are still people who remind the world that humanity is not dead. When Raja and Jessica Paulraj, a nurse and doctor couple came to know about the baby, they decided to adopt him. At a time when his birth-parents gave up on Adam, who was born with a rare genetic disorder called Bartsocas-Papas Syndrome, he received love from them.

Adam’s new parents gave him the love he was deprived of by his own parents. They took him to a specialist, and he underwent several surgeries. The baby is now able to close his eyes and mouth.


Four years later, Adam is the big brother to two little siblings and is living a healthy life. But the past years haven’t been easy for the family. Adam underwent surgeries to remove cyst from ears, fix his cleft lip, and construct his palate and eyelids, most of which were performed in US. 

The Paulraj couple bore expenses of all his surgeries, and were also supported by the community that raised $1,00,000 for Adam’s treatment. The couple’s efforts show us that the life of a differently-abled person is every bit as precious as others.

You can watch Adam’s heart-touching story here:

We hope that Adam leads a healthy and happy life!