Friendship between a man and a dog goes back a long way. There are countless examples when a dog stood by his human parents, protecting them in adverse conditions. Once again, an incident in Kerala has proved that no one can beat a dog when it comes to loyalty and devotion for a loved one.  

Showing utmost devotion to his humans, Mouli, a dachshund, laid his life while protecting them from a deadly cobra, in the Ernakulam district of Kerala.

Nangelil Gangadhar, a retired government employee, and his wife had adopted Mouli 3 years ago when she was just a month old. When Mouli saw the cobra crawling inside the house, he started barking unusually, alerting her owners that something was wrong.

But when the elderly couple was about to step out of their room to see what was happening, the loyal dog stopped them from coming out and kept fighting the serpent alone.

The little dog fought with the Cobra by himself for about half an hour, eventually killing the venomous snake. But the heroic dog got bitten by the snake during the fight and breathed his last soon after. Even when the patrolling police came to the house after hearing the chaos, none of the onlookers could interrupt the fight.

The couple said Mouli had been protecting them ever since they adopted him.

If this is not true love, what is?