Remember that adorable sausage dog, Lilica, who proudly posed for her maternity shoot while she was pregnant? Her photos became hugely popular on the internet and according to her owner, Ana Karolina, the photo-shoot took only 20 minutes, as Lilica was immensely cooperative! Well of course, why wouldn’t she be? Captured by photographer Ana Paula Grillo, the energetic and lovable pooch really seemed to enjoy her time in the spotlight!

And, just a day after the shoot, she gave birth to 6 equally adorable puppies.

 Here she is, every bit the proud mother, with her lovable puppies!

All the pups are healthy and have been adopted by relatives of the owner.


Look at these adorable furballs!


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more cute!

Thank the gods that an overdose of epic cuteness doesn’t kill us!