To everyone reading this, I’m done. 

I’m done spending my weekends in a drunken maze, partying with those who I don’t speak to during the weekdays. 

I’m done hanging out with those I don’t have actual conversations with. Those who only message to make a plan to go out drinking!

I’m done with friendships that start and end with drinking scenes over the weekend!


What’s with this new-age concept of friendship, anyway?

Don’t bother with anyone during the weekdays and as soon as the weekend announces its arrival, make WhatsApp groups to plan a ‘scene’. Is this what we’ve turned friendship into?

And what does this ‘scene’ include? Meeting at a club or bar, dressed to the dime, and between screams and selfies have a good, good time. Let’s catch up, is it? The only thing you’re ‘catching’ is a massive hangover the next morning!

We don’t sit and actually chat. We don’t check on each other’s work, love and life. We don’t do anything apart from drinking like a fish and clicking a million pictures, one of which will make it’s way to Instagram next morning, #AboutLastNight duly in place. 

If the sole purpose of ‘catching up’ with a friend is to down shots and dance to bouncy music, I’m done with such scenes and those ‘friends’!


We all have two kinds of friends – the ones we party with & the others who’re our true friends!

The friend you’re on chat with all through the day? The one who’ll tag you in memes you both can totally relate to? The one who your parents know well enough? The one you’ve gone for countless holidays with? 

Now, those are the friendships worth nurturing and cherishing. 

Everything and everyone is a farce. A waste of time. And once you’ve reached a certain age, you realise that you don’t have the energy or excitement to bother with those ‘friendships’. 

On a Saturday night, you’d rather do a night-in than a night-out!


I’ve spent way too much time dancing the night away with ‘friends’ who’re more interesting in the music and the alcohol than talking to me. 

I’ve spent way too much time and energy on friendships that start and end with drinking scenes over the weekend. 

I’m done. Totally done!

Now, I shall only spend time with the friends who truly care, the ones I can actually count on. And for the party-animals, the dance floor is all yours!