I have always been a firm believer of having fun!

It is necessary to take a break from studies, projects, work and family. It is necessary to connect with your friends, to sit back, relax and drink the night away. 


However, as much as I may love a drink in my hand and a tune to dance on, I always feel the most comfortable doing that in the comfort of houses! 

Yes, I believe house parties are wayyyyy more comfortable, enjoyable and entertaining that club outings can ever be. And I have always believed that!

It’s not because with every passing year, I’m getting older. Although, I will admit, wearing heels is becoming harder!

From the very first time I had to dress up in fancy clothes, slap on more make-up products than I even knew existed and slip my comfort-loving feet into made-for-torture heels, I could not understand the big deal about clubbing!


Yes, entering a club maybe a rite of passage, proving that you’re 18, but I hated it the first time and I hate it even now!

I mean, what charm does the club culture hold? 

It is too many people in not enough space, forcing you to step on people with wandering hands, or be stepped on by souls too inebriated to walk. 


The music will never be consistent with what you love, and moving to ‘DJ tunes’ with a drink in hand,  on the feet, and a purse on the shoulder is something that is especially difficult for someone who does not even have basic hand-eye coordination. 


And so, I rely on copious amounts of alcohol to make the whole scenario slightly more bearable. Only to be confronted by the problems of a small bladder. Because, God forbid you have to pee in a club! 

The maze of people that you have to make your way through, and the never-ending line that you have to stand in, will make you hate your innocent body’s biological reactions. 


And then the last nail in the coffin – searching for a smoking room in a club that has more people than it has space. 

By the time you smoke and return, you’ve lost your group and are staring at every stranger hoping to catch a familiar stare, but praying it is not an unwanted one. And of course the minimal lights help…NOT! 


So why, again, are we obsessed with the club culture?

Why not sit at home (a friend’s if not your own!) in your favorite  or worn-in jeans and enjoy drinks that are worth the money you paid for them?


Why not YouTube any and every song you and your friends wish to play and have the luxury to lower the volume when the discussion turns to interesting gossip? 

Because for me, hanging out with my friends actually means hanging out with my friends. I want to be able to share my stories and listen to theirs. 

Happy or hungry

Just like I want to be able to listen to trashy 90s music when I am feeling the buzz, or replicate the steps to ‘tanha tanha‘ with my girlfriends!

I want to actually enjoy the company and not the so-called atmosphere. I’d rather hear the strums of the guitar that my friends play inexpertly, than the latest EDM track. 


I want to enjoy simple drinks and live in simpler times, where it is just a bunch of friends gathering at a place that is familiar, comfortable and enjoyable. 

After all, I’d rather be falling down my bed laughing at the joke I heard, than fall down the stairs in heels I never wanted to wear in the first place.