You don’t really trust yourself to make the best decisions when you’re drunk but once you begin drinking, you don’t really bother much about anything and do whatever you please.

Now you may have countless stories of stupid things you did under the effect of alcohol but nothing can match what a man from Odisha did. 

An Odisha father sold his 11-month-old son for ₹25,000 when he was drunk and spent the money on luxuries.

Balaram Mukhi, a habitual drinker, resides in Bhadrak district in Odisha and works as a sweeper. The scheme to sell his 11-month-old child was conceived by his wife, brother-in-law named Balia and Mukhi himself. Balia, who works in an Anganwadi, apparently hatched the plan to make some money after he met an elderly couple in their sixties whose 24-year-old son had died.

Somnath Sethi, a retired driver with the state government, and his wife lost their 24-year-old son in 2012 after which his wife fell into depression. Sethi wanted to adopt a child so his wife could recover and he had asked his acquaintances to tell them if they knew of any child they could adopt.

Balia, who knew the elderly couple, fixed the deal between them and Mukhi.

After selling his 11-month-old son for ₹25,000, Mukhi spent ₹2,000 on the mobile phone, ₹1,500 on a silver anklet for his seven-year-old daughter, bought a saree for his wife, and splurged rest of the money on alcohol. 

The mother of the child Barsha Mukhi said:

My husband was in a drunken condition and told that this is an illegitimate child and hence, doesn’t want to keep him with me and wants to give him to some other person. He beat me up and I also beat him up, but he forcibly sold the child for ₹25,000 and purchased mobile, saree, dress, silver anklet etc.

While the mother of the child maintains that she resisted her husband, the father Balaram Mukhi claims that both he and his wife were drunk when they began arguing. In the middle of the quarrel, he picked up his son and sold him.