People say life is short but only when you are on your death bed do you realise that it’s actually true. Death might be inevitable but no one really sees it coming. Which is why, when it finally comes, it is scary. But some brave souls find their happiness even in that moment. 

One such woman, Betsy Davis, suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, did something that a lot of us wouldn’t even dare to. She threw her own farewell party for her dear ones before complying the new suicide law in California, assisted by her doctor. 

Yahoo News

She was among the first Californians to take the legal suicide drugs under the new laws for suicide.

Yahoo News

Here’s what her farewell’s invitation message read:

“There are no rules. Wear what you want, speak your mind, dance, hop, chant, sing, pray, but do not cry in front of me. OK, one rule.”

Yahoo News

She felt a sense of empowerment when she began planning her party a couple of months after losing control of her body to the disease.


More than 30 people came to this party keeping up the momentum with some light music and food from Betsy’s favourite joint. 

What a beautiful, beautiful way to say goodbye. More power to you, Betsy. You’re an inspiration.