Yes, it’s that time of the year! The time when you soak yourself up in calamine lotion and use sprays and mesh and what not just to keep those disease-spreading mosquitoes away. While mosquito coils, regulators, and sprays which are considered effective measures, they do not always prove healthy for us, especially mosquito repellent sprays which contain toxic chemicals. So here’s the deal.

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One simple method to keep mosquitoes away is to use detergent water

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All you have to do is add a little detergent to water and put the dish containing it near the window. 

Don’t be surprised but the result is quite satisfactory. Any mosquito that will land there will sink.


Easy, right? You can also add a portion of detergent to pools and other containers of water. And it works because the detergent that is used reduces surface tension of the water, thereby drowning both larvae and adult mosquitoes. 

However, this magical soapy liquid cannot be considered as a mosquito repellent but as described above, it can be used to control mosquitoes.

Safe and harmless, there you go.