Medicines. They come in tiny, little strips but I guess I speak for everyone, when I say that we hate them! The pack comes with unpronounceable ingredients, along with compositions, which tell us what is going inside our body. 

But there’s another thing about a medicine pack which might have gone unnoticed by many of us. Have you ever wondered the purpose of those empty spaces in a medicine tablet? No, they are not there to add to the neatness of the medicine pack. 

Browsing through Quora, we found out what the spaces are actually meant for. 

So, all this while, we’ve been buying medicines without paying heed to those empty spaces in a medicine pack.  

Turns out that the spaces are attached to the tablets. This is done to prevent tablets from getting mixed up reducing chances of a chemical reaction. 


They also help to keep the medicines from breakage and spilling during transportation, aiding in tamper resistance. 

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For packets consisting of only one pill, this empty space is also maintained to increase the print area. 

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Also, at times, medicines are sold as part of a fraction of a strip to the customers, which can lead to some details being cut-off from the pack. So, the spaces are provided to ensure that all printed content stays within the space, if it is sold one tablet at a time. 

And, you thought that the packs only imply better packaging! They actually save us from falling ill further by mitigating chances of a chemical reaction! Clever, right?

H/T: Gazab Post