Sponsored by ENO

The thing with advertising is, that more often than not, it’s in your face. Everywhere you look, you see a witty caption here or a catchy photo there. It’s all around us. Companies try everything, in the hope that you will remember them. And while all this is good and we are used to seeing these things, there are a few times that we are taken aback by something new, something, that drives home the point. 

One brand, that was able to catch everyone’s attention is ENO. ENO carried out an Augmented Reality (AR) activation in 5 major metropolitan cities across the country. This one-of-a-kind activation was done to promote a new product that they are adding to their portfolio, ENO Cooling.

ENO transformed the audiences’ surrounding into a fiery wasteland, showcasing a battle between a chilli and ENO Cooling. The video shows how the audience, after watching this enthralling battle, eventually decided to jump into the battlefield themselves and become a part of this epic encounter. When the chilli decided to make the floor into lava and broken hot rocks, ENO Cooling came in and turned the floor into ice. What made this activity really kick-ass was the fact it even got the audience participating in it. You can check out the video below to see what the crowd was up to.  

Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore, all witnessed this amazing activation that was conducted by ENO.