Although this doesn’t mean that all games are addicted. But you could be, if games take away much of your life distract you from actual personal and professional issues.

1. Gaming addiction is a real thing. And just a couple of days ago, WHO  recognised it as a condition in its International Classification of Diseases.


2. Bodybuilding addiction, known as bigorexia affects people of all kinds and not only bodybuilders as the name suggests. 

With this disorder, a person becomes obsessed with looking leaner and muscular. If you have bigorexia, you probably view yourself as imperfect and would do almost anything to achieve your desired goals, including the use of steroids.

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3. Internet addiction refers to an excessive use of the internet that often disrupts your daily life and causes other health problems. 

It seems like most of us are affected by this. I mean, we take our phones to the washroom while we take a shit.

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4. Like any other addiction, social media addiction also refers to a compulsive desire to stay updated on social networking sites.

This is basically all of us checking our phones every 20 minutes for a notification. It often leads to us forgetting actual problems in our lives.

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5. Although the jury is still out on binge watching, we decided to include this due to the actual problems it causes. 

There have been cases where patients have come to hospitals complaining of depression and anxiety. Binge-watching can lead to sleep deprivation, mind absenteeism and anxiety. 


6. Pornography is fun when you are 15, but it can become a habit often leading to anaddiction.

When we are watching porn, our brain is responding to the images with a mixture of chemicals which were designed as a reward for doing something that the brain finds pleasurable. Our brain is designed to control it so that we don’t overdo it. But an addiction to porn screws with the entire programme leading to various problems.


7. Caffeine causes mild addiction in those who consume it way too much. Basically all of us who need a cup of coffee to get started might be addicted.

Its symptoms include headaches, difficulty to focus, irritability, anxiety and fatigue among others. 


8. Food addiction works in the same ‘reward system’ way porn addiction does. 

When you are eating, your brain realises that you’re doing something right and releases a chemical called dopamine. The problem is that with modern junk food, the reward is far stronger than anything you get from healthy food. 

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9. Shopping addiction is something a lot of us deal with. And we all know how badly broke it makes us. 

I am assuming that most of you have seen Confessions of a Shopaholic.  You are broke all the time and quite often shopping becomes your reaction to feeling angry, sad, betrayed among others.


10. Workaholism is an actual condition, irrespective of how much pride one may take in announcing it to the world. 

It can often be so addictive that it leads to escapism as seen in the case of alcoholism, where it becomes your only shelter when you’re running away from problems. 


11. Applying lip balm may seem like an ordinary thing during the winter but like most addictive substances, it makes your body crave mo.

Although it does give temporary moisture, excessive exposure to lip balms disrupts the natural moisture and cellular turnover, which makes you want to use it over and over again. 


12. Chewing ice is a real thing. People do that. Most of them do it because of stress or iron-deficiency.

And a lot of them get addicted to it afterwards. People, this shit really hurts your teeth and gums and your dentist will definitely suggest that you stop.

13. Psychogenic polydipsia or water addiction is a condition where you cannot help but feel the need to constantly drink water.

It is ‘an uncommon clinical disorder characterized by excessive water-drinking in the absence of a physiologic stimulus to drink’.

So yeah. If you thought smoking was the only bad habit you had, think again.