1. Write something before you go to bed.

In a world of text messages and Facetime, writing before going to bed does not come easy. Pen down your thoughts in a diary because sometimes, you need to talk to yourself and not worry about any judgment. 


2. Spend at least 30 minutes with your parents.

Sit down with them and talk. Or, hear them talk. Spend time with them because a few years down the line, you’ll need them and they won’t be around. If you’re not in the same city, pick up the phone and call them. Now!


3. Stand up from your desk and stretch every 2 hours.

We know exercising everyday is one goal we fail to achieve, every single day. However, this working-hard generation deserves a healthy lifestyle too. Take out some time to stand up and stretch your muscles. You’ll be surprised just how much it increases your productivity! 


4. Ask more questions.

You can never know everything. Besides, asking questions will open your mind to more possibilities and perspectives and that’s always a good thing. 


5. Sit in silence for a few minutes.

Driving to work with music on? Talking and chatting all day long? Try and sit alone for some time because spending time with yourself is a true luxury. 


6. Read a book for 30 minutes every day.

Instead of scrolling down your news feed all day, take out time to go through a book. It’ll open up your imagination, show you newer possibilities and transport you into another world.


7. Keep your room clean.

Most of us don’t give it too much importance. Yes, you can do it when the trash piles up but why wait for that to happen? Besides, a clean room only proves that the person it belongs to has got their priorities right. 


8. Do one thing every month that scares or intimidates you.

You’ll have to face your fears anyway one day, so why not do it now? 


9. Restructure your priorities.

Not every day should be your work-hard day. Every day is different and prioritizing your life on the need-of-the-hour basis is the right way of living. 


10. Keep a check on your finances.

Occasional splurging aside, it’s important to not carelessly spend your hard-earned money and save some for the future. Set a budget and stick to it. No matter what! 


11. Finish that unfinished task that you’ve been ignoring for long.

Amidst partying, office presentations and salon appointments, we all tend to forget the important, pending tasks we really need to get done. And there’s no better time than now to get it over with!


12. Take out time to realize how blessed you are.

The fact that you are reading this article proves that you have an internet connection, a phone and all the luxury other people crave for. You are certainly blessed!

13. Set a clear intention for every new day.

Waking up with an intention will always help you grow. You’ll know what you want to do and it’ll only make you more productive, leave you feeling contented and will boost happiness and positivity. A purpose a day truly keeps all else at bay!


14. If you fail to do any of these, don’t quit but start over instead.

It okay to fail. We were not born perfect and we all need to improve and evolve. It is never too late to start afresh!