We live in an ever-changing, fast-moving and complex world that centers around the race towards an unknown, unsees goal.

And because it’s easy to lose ourselves in this race, in a feature by Demilked, Polish illustrator Igor Morski brought us a spectacular series of images that gives shape to the dark and twisted whirlwind that is life.


1. The struggles of a single parent when the ex simply won’t stop rowing against you.


2. We’re all just watching the world burn.


3. What is the world like for a boy growing up caged by what society wants him to look like?


4. Or for a woman trying harder to fight age with every passing day.


5. Simply put, we’re all puppets of time, aren’t we?


6. In our brains, every hour is rush hour.


7. A Polish saying goes, “They’re making water of your brain,” when one is being manipulated.


8. An erosion of the true foundation of our glorious society.


9. Under the cloak of old age, hides beauty and wisdom.


10. Trapped in a ring of our own making. A cage of routine for humans. One that birds are free from.


11. Inside every woman seen as a princess to be rescued, there is a girl that simply wants to fly on her own, like the birds she often watches.


12. Civilisation can do all it wants. Deep inside, we’re all still animals.


13. Too focussed on ourselves to see what’s right in front of us.


14. Who even remembers their real face with all the masks we wear.


15. Money – The one tool we use to reach higher grounds.


16. Nature is stronger than anything man may build.


17. Youth believes itself to be immortal. And yet, danger is always a playful strike away.


18. Not everything is black and white.


19. Do we own things, or do they own us?


20. We all know what appearing to keep it together feels like.


21. Beasts, enslaved by sexuality.


22. Moonlit conversations that more often than not, leave you lost and loveless.


23. Killing us and those around us – The beastly demons inside us.


24. No matter what your circumstance, show the world your true self. Let yourself be loved for who you are.


25. Cutting off another man’s legs won’t help you walk faster.


26. A well of fuel is now seen as a well of life. And we are running out.


May these and the several other stunning images by Morski give you something to think about, for each of them poses questions whose answers our existence truly depends on.

All images sourced from Igor Morski