Serial killers, criminals and death row inmates are as popular as any celebrity you could think of in this day and age. Perhaps, it’s a morbid fascination with their psyche, but serial killers have a way of grabbing your attention, disgust and pity at the same time. As part of the final rituals carried out by prison authorities for those sentenced to death, death row inmates are offered the choice of choosing their last meal in this lifetime. We were wondering if you thought knowing what their requests were – as bizarre as some get – would shed some light on their behavioural tendencies.

So, here are 10 actual final meal requests by death row inmates before their execution that were really delivered.


Infamously known as the ‘Killer Clown’, John Wayne Gacy was convicted and sentenced to death for heinous crimes that included the rape, torture and murder of nearly 33 young boys. In fact, Gacy had also managed 3 KFC restaurants in his career.


Sentenced to the electric chair for his crimes, Victor Feguer seemed to have an epiphany and his conscience kicked in, when he told the authorities that he wanted just one olive with the pit inside it for his last meal. His idea: Hoping that an olive tree would sprout out of his grave. That bit didn’t work out as planned.


Executed by the firing squad in Utah in 2010, Ronnie Lee Gardener’s last request for his meal also included a DVD of the Lord Of The Rings series, which he watched along with his meal.


Convicted for the truck bombing in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh’s last meal wish was as simple as it could get. Not all there, this man.


Executed by lethal injection by the State of Florida, Ángel Nieves Díaz was sentenced to death for the murder of a strip-club manager. While he refused his right to a requested last meal, the authorities offered him the regular prison meal, but he refused that too and died hungry.

The infamous ‘lady killer’ is perhaps one of the most recognised serial killers that history has known. Speculated to have raped, murdered and performed necrophilia on more than 130 women, Ted Bundy’s sentencing was the conviction of the century.


Executed in 1992 for the murder of a police officer, Ricky Ray Rector finished all of his requested meal except for the pecan pie. When asked, he told the authorities that he was “saving it for later.” Spooky, this man.


Famously convicted for murder during an armed robbery committed on April 15, 1920, the anarchist duo became household names overnight. Probably because of the widespread cry over them being defended by a huge part of the nation and fellow anarchists. Regardless, they were executed via electrocution on August 23, 1927.


Famously having requested justice and world peace as his last meal, Odell Barnes was also extremely popular among the general citizenship who cried that he had been wrongly convicted of the murder he was alleged to have committed.


Although, Ronnie Threadgill had ordered himself a handsome meal for his last day on the planet, he was unfortunate to have never received it. The state of Texas abolished the last meal rule after a certain convict abused the privilege and ordered nearly 7 pounds of a meal, and finally refused to touch it. What a douche.

Who knew these stories behind the execution were so interesting?

Design Credit: Lakshya Vij