If I had a penny for every time my parents used the stellar examples of other people’s kids to remind me just how useless I am, I’d be rich enough not to be useless anymore. And as if the padosi ke bacche weren’t causing enough trouble between you and your parents’ expectations, here are the kids that every parent in the country wishes their kids were like.

Gazabpost reported that Anil Mishra from Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh is the envy of an entire nation of parents for a simple reason. He Has four children, and all four are IAS officers.


A bank manager himself, Mishra says he always believed in the potential his children showed, and knew they would grow up to do great things.

And, just as he expected, his three sons and one daughter have brought him endless pride by securing high-ranking positions in the civil services.


Last year, two of the older children managed to pass the IAS exams, and their younger siblings joined them in the ranks this year. The Mishra family has led a simple life, and that is what makes this achievement of theirs that much more special.

Badhai ho, Mishra ji! We’re all happy for you. Like 80% happy and only 20% jealous.

Images sourced from Gazabpost