If you’re old enough to recognise some of the cartoons listed in the article, you probably have quite a few responsibilities in life. Nonetheless, those of us from a gone generation of animated humour and action would certainly agree to the fact that we had some of the best cartoons airing on television back in the ’90s. And we miss each one of them. 


So, here’s a list I wish Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan could get a hold on hoping some of our favourite ’90s cartoons could make badass comebacks as movies.


1. Powerpuff Girls

Yes, I said it. The Powerpuff Girls had their own share of super creepy antagonists that would make for some really awesome villains today. Whether it was Him or The Gangreen Gang, the Powerpuff Girls was an epic show with a slew of amazing characters and loads of memories attached to it.

2. Popeye

No, that badass Popeye movie poster floating around on the Internet right now is a fan made poster. But you’ve got to agree, the ‘eat-your-greens’ promoting badass sailor could make one super awesome hero right now. I wouldn’t give this one to Michael Bay though.


3. Courage, The Cowardly Dog

One for the jeepers and creepers. I’ll admit, Courage was a show beyond its years and gives me the creeps to this day. With a desolate setting in the middle of ‘Nowhere’ and some of the weirdest creatures crossing paths with Courage on a regular basis, this could possibly be the best thing to come out on the big screen.


4. Centurions

Perhaps, the only cartoon on the list we could hand over to Michael Bay, considering the fact that there’ll be a lot of CGI and explosions involved. But if you remember Centurions you probably had an awesome childhood way before G I Joe showed up. The exoskeleton-wearing badass trio were featured in an epic cartoon with amazing action sequences from back in the day.


5. Biker Mice From Mars

This one’s for the hardcore cartoon addicts. Perhaps a little obscure, Biker Mice From Mars was one of the most epic, action-packed shows from ’90s with its chopper and biker gang influenced setting. The show followed biker mice Throttle, Vinnie and Modo and their escapades saving the world from all evil-doers.


6. The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest

One of the cooler cartoons from the day to incorporate digital fantasy universes in 3D animation, The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest followed the story of Jonny Quest as he battled evil within the Matrix-esque virtual reality universe of Quest World. Most definitely tripped out.


7. Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels

Probably one of the funniest shows from back in the ’90s, Captain Caveman followed the story of the oldest superhero in existence who was uncovered by the teen angels. The goofy superhero with more gadgets than Batman’s utility belt tucked away under the blanket of his body hair would make an awesome comedy comeback.


8. Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Jackass series for kids, Ed, Edd and Eddy’s escapades are some of the most twisted-ly hilarious and dazed fun, more akin to stoner’s comedy. Like any other bunch of kids going through adolescence, Ed, Edd n Eddy’s stories were outlandishly epic and hilarious. 


9. Captain Planet And The Planeteers

I’m just going to throw this one in for old times sake. Captain Planet, at least in my case, was one of those cartoons that slowly grew on you. Driven by the honest motive of saving Earth from all forms of pollution and its causes, the Captain and his platoon of planeteers were responsible for some of my early childhood moral make up. 


10. Swat Kats

The most recognisable cartoon from the lot. Swat Kats was as epic an action cartoon as could get, back when it came out. With reruns that littered television for years after, the fighter pilot duo were one of the most revered characters from my childhood. Before the whole Bade Meow and Chote Meow fiasco, that is.


No, we don’t need to grow up.

Masthead Source: absolutegeeks.com, Feature Image Source: hdwallpaperseek.com