In association with Horlicks

‘Tis the season to pull all-nighters, hit the brick wall, and prepare for exams. In fact, to all those students who are prepping up for their upcoming final examinations, a piece of advice from a moderately good scorer is that music is one of the best ways to study during exams. Remember back in school we had The Butterfly Ballad song, The Perimeter Song, Verbs In Action, The Periodic Table Song, and so many fun songs to mug up hard topics? Damn, those songs made our lives so much easy. Take for example Horlicks’ new video featuring music maestro A.R. Rahman which offers an interesting way to learn difficult concepts and thus make them easy to understand.  

When push comes to shove, the only thing I rely upon to optimize my study time during exams is with music.

Your mind is concurrently calm and energized,  the impending horror of exams is knocking on your door, but as Horlicks says – Fikar Mat Karo, ’cause music is the easiest way to learn tough subjects without getting confused. They believe in simplifying the studying technique by turning them to tunes, to easily learn topics instead of rote learning. And guess what? You can produce whatever style of music you want; think hard rock, infectious pop, dance beats… Whatever goes with your flow. Psst! You can even take a cue from Horlicks’ song.

When you’re up till late, cramming as much as you can and realize that you can’t mug up anymore… 

Horlicks’ thoughtful video has indeed given us a new way to combat stress and perform better in our assessments. 

Kudos to Horlicks for coming up with a great collaboration with A.R. Rahman which is all set to change exam-prepping game. And, to all those students who are suffering from exam phobia, plug-in your earphones and watch this fun educational video and say goodbye to the traditional ways of learning.