Getting married to the Prince seems like a dream come true. I mean, I’m sure it is. After all, it’s royalty.

But did you know that there are rules that are automatically applied once you’re a part of the Royal family?

Here are some things, former actor, Meghan Markle will have to give up since she’s the Duchess of Sussex now:

1. She won’t be living in the world of Instagram likes or watching cat videos on Facebook.

According to ABC news, Meghan is no longer allowed to use social media in any form. She deleted all her accounts a few days before the wedding and expressed gratitude to all her followers.


2. Meghan Markle will be bidding goodbye to her acting career for good.

Since she will have ample royal duties to tend to, she will have to give up her acting career for good. 


3. No more alone time while going out!

So, while she’ll have plenty to do but going out in public alone won’t be one of them. She must be guarded with security at ALL times!


4. Goodbye, cocktail dresses!

The Royal family is known to wear very formal clothing. So, she’ll have to follow strict dress code rules like wearing pantyhose every time she has to wear a dress, no short hemlines and low-cut clothing.


5. ‘But first, let me take a selfie,’ is a phrase Meghan won’t feel the need to use.

So, the Royal family is not allowed to click selfies in public. According to the Mirror, the Queen finds the whole idea of selfies pretty vain.


6. She can’t vote!

The Royal family is not supposed to be politically biased, and hence Meghan won’t be able to vote anymore. 


7. Goth nails are a complete no-no!

The women in the Royal family are told to wear very neutral shades of nail paint. Meghan has previously been seen flaunting dark nails but that won’t be the case anymore.


8. As a royal, she can’t play Monopoly, because it’s against the rules.

Did you know the Royal family is not allowed to play Monopoly? According, to Telegraph, The Duke of York was quoted as saying,

We’re not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious.

He’s not wrong!


9. She can’t call it a day till Her Majesty does!

It is a rule in the castle that nobody in the family can go to bed before the Queen does. 


10. First selfies! And now autographs! How will I ever prove to the world if I ever meet her!?

The Royals aren’t allowed to give out autographs due to the risk of them getting forged


11. Always be ready for tragedy.

Meghan will always have to carry mourning clothes with her in case a tragedy strikes unexpectedly. According to Independent, the Royals always have to carry an extra set of black clothes when they travel outside of the country. This rule came into play when Queen Elizabeth was in Kenya, and her father passed away back home. She had to return to the country in ‘unsuitable’ clothing, and had to wait in the plane for a black dress to be delivered to her. 


12. You snooze, you lose!

When eating with the Queen, everyone has to make sure they only begin their meal when Her Majesty does, and stop the eating the moment she’s done… So, irrespective of the fact that there still might be food on your plate, you have to adhere to this rule as a code of conduct.


13.  Watch out for the pinky!

We are all well aware of the fact that how seriously the British take their tea. according to People, there is a certain way to hold the cup while sipping tea. You gotta hold the top of the handle with your index finger and thumb, while the middle finger supports the bottom part of the handle. The pinky finger should never be out.


 14. Say bye to the seafood platter!

The Royal family can’t afford to fall sick due to food poisoning and be bedridden because of the number of duties they have to tend to on a daily basis. To prevent this, they’re advised to not consume any kind of shellfish since it’s known to cause stomach issues! No more prawns for you, Meg!


15. Don’t cross your legs if you don’t want to cross the Queen!

The ladies of the Royal family are never, and I mean never, supposed to cross their legs at the knees when they sit. They either have to cross their legs at the ankles or sit with their knees closed together. 


Everything comes with a price. Even Royalty!

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