Ever found yourself in a ‘friends with the ex’ situation? 


Congratulations, you’re a psychopath!

Well, not really but according to this psychological research by Oakland University (at the behest of those who befriend spouses and exes, presumably!) people who are friends with their exes might harbour a dark secret. 


They might be psychopaths- or at least have ‘dark’ personality traits which includes psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism (being overly cunning even in general conduct)


Furthermore, people who are friends with their exes don’t always rekindle ties for ‘nice’ reasons- they usually do it to manipulate them for money/sex or both!

Vanity Fair

Research also stated that people who scored high on the ‘dark triad’ traits were more likely to be friends with their exes!

I guess it’s time for you to snap all ties with the exes, lest you wish to become…