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Let’s face it, as kids, the onset of winters meant one thing and one thing only – the eternal wait for Christmas Eve. That night when all of us waited for our socks to be filled up with gifts and goodies. However, as time passed we did realize that it was not the guy on the sledge but someone else who woke up in the dead of the night for us every year. Needless to say, it’s not easy taking on the responsibility of being Santa Claus. I mean, you’ve got to be on time, put up with people’s weird wishes and of course fulfil them in style. But guess what, a few women in our lives can totally kick ass at the job. And they are…

1. Mothers, cause they are never late.


If your mom can wake you up for a morning 6:00 AM run, then be assured that the midnight gifts will be given to you as soon as the clock strikes 12. Maybe even a couple of seconds before. 

2. BFFs, because they’ll make your Christmas special in their own way by insulting you!


They know what you want and they know they need to get it for you. But you get that at a price. And we all know what that price is, don’t we?

3. Sisters, ‘coz they are generous. Well, almost generous. 


Yes, the gaming console is her gift to you, but remember the phone you desperately wanted? 

4. Cousins, ‘coz seeing them cheers you up!


The cousins remember. Whether it’s the gift or the time when you got sloshed. They remember it all. 

5. Grandmoms, ‘coz no matter how stupid your wish might be, they’ll make it come true. 


Age is just another number when you have a supercool granny. Remember the Hotwheels set she got you… when you were 25? 

Honestly, words cannot do justice to the importance that these women have in our lives. This Christmas, Colorbar through their #JingleBella campaign is spreading the same thought and saluting all the women who have been a part of our lives. So, go ahead, thank the beautiful women who have been weaving magic even before we understood what a Santa was.