Technology is taking over our lives at a rather alarming rate. Considering what we have achieved with technology in such a short period, the future is filled with endless possibilities but reverting to the good, old, simplistic and natural lifestyle not so much. From the looks of it, we can only move forward from here because it is like a slide and there is no looking back. 

In another big, leap for technology a Beijing-based company, Transit Explore Bus, has come up with the concept of a straddling bus through which cars would be able to pass and there would be no obstruction of traffic. 

The two-lane wide bus would be able to carry 1,200 passengers at one time and boarding would take place through elevators at dedicated stations. The design that has been proposed is likely to cost much less than building subway stations. Not only will it tackle traffic issues, it will also help in solving the emission problem. By replacing 40 buses, one straddling bus would save 800 tonnes of fuel every year and prevent 2,480 tonnes of carbon emission. 

Check out the video here!

Source: CCTV+

It looks like a brilliant concept but there are some concerns which probably should be addressed before we rejoice. Will this concept be fruitful in Indian cities where traffic regulations are broken at the speed of light? Does this increase the risk of accidents? Does this mean more bus stations and by extension, more construction (dealing with that surely won’t be fun)? 

Since it is still a concept, it probably would be a better idea to hold our horses. As we said, the future holds endless possibilities.