Be it a holiday for 4/20 or just a fancy schmancy product you need for your on-the-go stoner friend, we rounded up a bunch of gifts you could use for your stoner friends.

Right from bracelets that speak of true love, and stash compartments for your phone, to munchies and candies to put all those hunger pangs to rest and heal the cotton mouth, we’ve got you covered.

1. Vape Hoodie

2. Joint Rolling Machine

3. The Perfect Armchair

4. Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

5. Real Medical Marijuana Necklace

6. iHit – Phone’s Stash Compartment

7. Roll-uh-Bowl

8. Cannabis-smelling Candles

9. The 4:20 Clock

10. Collapsable Bong

11. Smokers Bracelet

12. Waterproof Doob Tubes

13. Grinder Watch

14. Portable Water Bong

15. For Your Stoner Stories

16. Surge Protector Stash Box

17. Pizza Cone Maker

18. Rubik’s Cube Stash Box

19. Hide Your Smoke

Source: vapebluntmexico

20. Candies For Your Cotton Mouth

Source: siblasco

It’s always 4:20 somewhere in the Multiverse!