It’s not often that the word stoner is associated with ‘sexy’. Whelp, there’s an Instagram account that’s attempted to change that forever. Prepare to get seriously confused about whether you have the munchies or the hornies.

The Girls Who Smoke Weed handle on Instagram posts shots of women having the time of their lives rolling blunts and rolling around in blunts.

And while its 71,000 followers aren’t complaining about all the cleavage and booty, we were left with a case of the WTFs.




It would appear they help fellow stoners out. By letting their bottoms serve as a table – as if that were doable.


I’ve never really gone harvesting in my underwear, have you? These ladies have.




And they’re apparently way better at hiding it than their male counterparts. For biological reasons, evidently.



These women will leave you wondering what to focus on.


I mean, they’re full on swimming in weird. Weed, I mean.



And granted, they look frikkin’ spectacular doing it. But how many actual stoner chicks are out there doing this with their weed?



At least there are a few shots that somewhat resemble reality.



But guess what. We’re back to random nakedness soon enough.


All this in some absolutely gorgeous photographs.



Pictures that could be on a magnificent stoner calender!




Stunning. Amirite? Unnecessary and unreal. But stunning nevertheless.



Stoner pics never looked so good. And made-up.


A true revelation (pun intended), Girls Who Smoke Weed may have made getting baked something it hasn’t been very often – sexy. But it also just made us wonder – Why the need to sexualise weed in an effort to reclaim the stoner territory for women?