Even though you were often considered the alien among your co-ed school peers, you know you had the time of your life in your own little world of sorority sisters and no one can take that away from you. In many ways the girls’ school experience protected you from the real world. But it was also totally preparing you for life all along.

This goes out to all our girls’ school sisters. You know you’re awesome, and here’s why going to a girls’ school has totally made you win at life.

Comforting people is a life skill you’re a pro at.

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Years of handling breakup rants and PMS outbursts have made you a pro at putting an upset person at ease. You know the right pick-me-up for the right occasion.

Gender roles are lost on you.


You’ve played male characters in plays, lifted heavy stuff around the school, and played every sport you could. And all this without anyone telling you that you can’t do stuff because you’re a girl. Gender roles are so not your thing.

Homophobia is an alien concept to you.


Gay or not, after all the lesbian jokes that have floated around you, homophobia is so not your thing.

You have a host of alibis ready.


Going to meet a boy secretly? You always have a group of girlfriends who will be your alibi when you don’t want your parents to know. And your folks will almost always believe it to be true.

Talking about periods openly is a done thing.


You have no qualms talking about menstruation in public. You’ve passed sanitary napkins across a crowded room without anyone batting an eyelid your whole life, and nothing can stop you from talking about it now.

You have zero-tolerance for mansplaining, and smashing the patriarchy has been ingrained in your system.


You’ve been raised to believe that you are in no way inferior to men, and that your education and overall growth is of utmost importance. So, screw misogynists.

You’re not much of a risk-taker when it comes to boys.


Years of male absence has made you realise that dating is not the be-all-and-end-all of life. Sure you will kiss some frogs, but you’re not one to settle.

You give compliments with all your heart and, sometimes, they’re borderline creepy.


You’ve grown up complimenting your friend’s pretty bra straps and ability to look fabulous without washing her hair for a week. You’re a little too good and detailed when it comes to compliments.

Sex education is never a hush-hush boy-girl thing.


Everything was out there. You never had to go in separate groups of boys and girls to receive this mysterious knowledge of the universe. You can openly talk about sex without sensing alien presence in your territory.

You have the eyes and ears for gossip.


Gossip not only keeps you updated, it’s also the perfect social glue. You’re always on the lookout for stories doing the rounds and are the absolute best at keeping track of them.

You can celebrate just about anything.


You would celebrate not getting caught with the wrong uniform or spotting a boy during school hours. It’s all about the small joys in life.

You’re a pro at DIY clothing transformations.


You’ve staple-helmed your skirt so many times, you can probably write a book on ‘x ways to shorten your skirt using stationery.’

Grooming is not an essential part of life. 


You’re hardly conscious about your appearance, because you have zero fucks to give about body hair and uneven eyebrows. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You have a close-knit group of sorority sisters you can count on your whole life.


You know what sisterhood meant way before Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

You’ve had an experience of a lifetime, and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

From a bittersweet roller-coaster ride to the best reality show ever, there was never a dull moment in your life.


You wouldn’t give this up for anything!