Just about everyone has a special connection with their grandparents. They are probably the only people, apart from our parents, who love us so much and unconditionally. We are usually quick to bond with them and, sadly, quick to neglect them as well. 

The Internet met papaw yesterday, when his granddaughter tweeted what is possibly the most-heartbreaking and saddest photo of any grandfather anywhere ever. Kelsey Harmon said:

The story behind this is as Harmon tweeted – papaw had made burgers for his six grandkids, all of whom stood him up except for Harmon. 

She tweeted this sad photo of papaw, not expecting even a single retweet. But the Internet does not take things like this lying. It soon got viral and right now sits at 120,000 shares. 

Needless to say, people have reacted very strongly to this sad but common incident. 

Harmon who wasn’t expecting such an overwhelming response, tweeted this to pacify the heartbroken Internet because people tracked down one of the grandkids, Brock, and sent him death threats!

As you can see, things went a bit out of control. But Brock tried to pacify everyone as well, like a reasonable person.

So, now things are back to normal. 

Lastly, an ode to the awesomest grandpa on Internet.

Here’s to papaw! Next time you want to throw a dinner party, all you have to do is tweet and we will all turn up for your burgers!