This socially lit drink has its roots from the beautiful Champagne region of France. This delicious drink made from grapes got its name from a region called Champagne that lies approximately 90 miles to the northeast of Paris and has a totally different making procedure from that of sparkling wine. And only in this region can the drink be called Champagne. So, scroll down and read all those tips and tricks that will help you serve, sip and gulp this french delicacy perfectly. 

Keep a check on the vessel 

Do you know the taste of a drink changes with a change in the vessel? This is the very reason why different drinks have their own customized vessel. The same rule applies when it comes to Champagne. In order to have that fine experience, serve your favourite Champagne in a vessel that is made of high-quality crystal and has a flute-like shape. This will give your Champagne that extra fizz and flavor.  

Serve it right.

Next thing to keep in mind after choosing the right vessel is to ace the correct way of pouring a Champagne in the glass. Champagne is a refreshment and thus should neither be served cold nor warm. The correct temparture at which a bottle of Champagne is ready to uncork and take the shape of the glass is when it is between 6-8o

Rolling is a big 'No'.

People usually advise the act of rolling when it comes to consuming Champagne. However, you don't need to do it because Champagne is infused with fizz and sparkle and agitating it too much can hamper its taste.

Understand the flavours 

The flavour of Champagne changes with age and can be classified into three categories. The primary flavour is mostly of citrus or stone fruits which gradually turns into the secondary flavour of breadcrumbs, apple tart, and brioche as it ages. The third and the most vintage flavour of Champagne is that of cocoa, coffee and mushrooms. 

Learn the tasting vocabulary

Just like any wine, Champagne to has its own tasting vocabulary. A pleasant tasting experience is often expressed by using the term 'friendly'. You can also appreciate a flavour by associating the taste of the Champagne with experience, for example, 'that reminds me of the time when'. However, keep in mind to avoid using the word 'minerality' when describing the experience as it will not convey much about the flavours. 

And keeping these quick points in mind, you can Champagne in perfection.