I remember my Sunday morning ritual as a kid. Waking up at 6 AM, meeting my colony friends, heading to the part of our society that had some free space for 10 people to run around, setting up a make shift wicket at the batting end & a brick at the bowling end, dividing teams, having the toss and then… Playing cricket! We would go on for hours until someone’s parent came and scolded us or someone broke a window or the friend who owned the bat had to leave to finish his homework. 

Those were the days when gully cricket thrived; that small area where we played was our very own Eden Gardens where we all tried copying Sachin’s immaculate batting stance and we all dared to be ‘Jonty’ while fielding. These are memories I am sure almost every Indian can associate with. Having said that, here are few pages out of the ‘Gully Cricket Diaries’ that’ll take you back to your childhood days:

Took you back in time, didn’t we?

Design credit: Aroop Mishra