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We all knew this song, and also what went down later – a comforting head message. As a kid, while I’d sit on the floor to get my mom’s world-class head massage, my sister would take the bottle oil and give one to mom as well. I always used to think how cool it’d be if this chain had up to ten or twenty people. Well, as insane it may sound but something similar actually happened. 

Bajaj Almond Drops just created the Guinness World Record of World’s Longest Head Massage Chain!

It seemed like a regular day at a mall until folks noticed RJ Archana calling them to join the spectacle in making, a record that was never attempted ever. This attempt was undertaken in order to create awareness about the importance of taking regular hair oiling for stronger and well-nourished hair, and that’s quite an awesome way to do it.

This insane chain of an event took place in Growel’s Mall, Kandiwali, Mumbai. The participants were 600 hundred women who gave each other a head massage for 200 seconds and set a Guinness World Record. Would you look at that amazing coordination!

And, here’s the proof of the grand feat! 

Here’s a sneak peek to the record making attempt: 

Take a bow, ladies!