Cyber bullying is no laughing matter, and it takes an even more vicious form when directed at women. Many women have fallen prey to the sexual demands of the cretin of the world wide web, but one woman has decided to not let it happen to her.

According to India TodayTaruna Aswani, a Mumbai girl that now lives in Maryland, USA was contacted by one such cyber bully and her courageous response to his threats stands to inspire women everywhere.

The anonymous hacker emailed Taruna telling her he’s hacked into her Google cloud data and has access to media that she had previously shared with her boyfriend at the time. In return for not releasing these to her friends, family and colleagues, the man asked her to send him nudes.

However, even in the middle of the confusion and fear that such emails would cause, instead of cowering under his lewd demands, Taruna chose to fight back.

She’s written a post on Facebook, informing those in her life about the man’s threats and admitting that, “As embarrassing as the videos may be (they were sent to my boyfriend at the time), I do this so that other women may take a lesson to stand up to bullies and low life’s like this and may get the confidence to stand up as well.”

Read her complete post here:

I’m sure you have the support of your friends and family just like you have the support and admiration of the interwebs, Taruna. You’re an insipration.