Stop everything right now, open your Netflix, and watch the set called ‘Nanette’ by Australian comedian and writer, Hannah Gadsby. If you don’t have Netflix, get it just for this.


Be warned though, you feel feel a myriad of emotions. You will laugh, you will cry, you may even get angry, but after that… you’ll think.

Here is why.

To start with, Hannah says she might quit comedy. Something you don’t expect a comedian to say, right in the middle of a set.

And you might think that this is just something she says to get laughs. But she doesn’t. Don’t worry though–there are plenty of laughs.

Like this bit about when you belong but not really.

But she’s cleverly unraveling her piece.

And slowly but surely you realize this is something you need to sit up and take notice of. And then notes too.

Because Hannah will bare the truth out in the open. With much clarity and no defense as you would expect only the best comedy writer to have. 

Finally, we have someone who isn’t afraid to talk about how she feels.

She makes us think about the brand of comedy we all resort to in our lives: the self-deprecating persona that hopes to make themselves acceptable.

It’s easy to fall into this trap. We’ve all been there. She’s been there, when she used her trauma to create comedy. But no, more. 

Without revealing much, watch the brilliant show here.