Hindu mythology is quite fascinating if you take the time to explore it. It’s not just an end-to-end saga about gods and demons, kings and queens, but some aspects of it, are quite open-ended, to ensure people never lose faith.

Which is why, we were not surprised when we read an article on Speaking Tree that said Hanuman is still alive. 

Apparently, these facts “prove” his existence.

1. Has anyone ever heard of Hanuman’s death?

Many believe Hanuman to be an avatar of Shiva. But unlike that of Ram, there are no stories about Hanuman giving up his mortal form on earth. Neither did he ever ascend to heaven. Some believe that is because Hanuman is still among us.

2. Apparently, Hanuman is immortal, thanks to Ram and Sita.

According to Hindu mythology, Ram and/or Sita (according to some accounts) granted him the boon of immortality because Hanuman wanted to stay on earth for as long as people worship Ram. 

3. Some believe he lives in Mount Gandhamadana in South India, some others say it’s the Himalayan Forests.

Some people believe that Hanuman’s home is atop Mount Gandhamadana on Pamban Island, off the coast of Tamil Nadu. It has now become a tourist attraction. But there are others who believe that Hanuman lives somewhere in the Himalayan jungles. 

4. Followers believe Hanuman shows up every time ‘the secret mantra’ is chanted.

Now this is where it gets really interesting. Apparently, Hanuman presents himself to those who recite a ‘secret mantra’, which happens to be Kaaltantu Kaarecharanti Enar Marishnu, Nirmukter Kaaletwam Amarishnu. If you’re wondering what’s the point of the secrecy if people are simply giving it away in random web articles, here’s the catch – apparently Hanuman only appears to those who fill certain pre-conditions.

1 – The devotee should be aware of his/her soul’s relationship with Hanuman.

2 – Within 980 metres from where the mantra is chanted, there can be no other person who does not fulfill criteria #1.

You can read the entire Speaking Tree article here.