With technology and consumerism taking over everything else and devices becoming an extension of our bodies, it does not come as a surprise how rare real experiences have become. We constantly seek validation, which can come through real-life gestures, but it need not. 

This is where art comes in. The biggest accomplishment of any kind of art, is that it shows the mirror to the society. Austrian cartoonist Gerhard Haderer must have been inspired by these ideas when he started making cartoons, as they make you think about the sad realities of the world in a really hard-hitting manner.

Here are some of the best:

1. Is taking selfies more important than life itself?

2. Living life through screens and filters.

3. Money can buy smiles, but they are not real.

4. Playing outside, what’s that?

5. What really happens in the Parliament.

6. Consumerism taking over quality.

7. The gluttony they don’t warn you against.

8. Living together but living alone.

9. The cost of our breakfast.

10. Fake buzz.

11. The dates these days.

12. Monotony of life.

13. This scary sight might become a reality soon.

14. Just a bunch of jokers.

15. Shitty jobs.

16. Slaves don’t react, don’t speak, don’t hear.

17. The current state of airline employees.

18. Traffic jams are the new holiday destinations.

19. Can’t control traffic but can definitely buy a new car.

20. Books over battles, pens over swords.

21. waiting to jump.

22. You’re not getting the ball back.

23. When is the new model coming out?

24. Someone’s got an eye on you.

25. Who is this weirdo reading newspaper?

Hits, likes, double taps, ratings, and reactions, became an important part of our lives before we even realized and now we’re too involved to get rid of them. The unfortunate part is, that despite communication being easier than ever, people can’t convey important and consequential messages.

H/T: Bored Panda