There are cool internet trends that spread happiness and awareness around the world and then, there are trends that are simply bizarre and somewhat demeaning in nature. 

The ‘heart-shaped breast challenge’ is one of the latter and is swiftly sweeping across the Chinese social media outlets. The topic has been trending on a Chinese Twitter-twin—Weibo—and has already gathered nearly 2-million-clicks. 


Users from all over China are flocking in to show off the ‘magic trick’ after a particular live-stream hostess performed the trick herself to attract more followers. 

The demeaning bit—Web users have been claiming that only a woman with large breasts (buxom) can complete the challenge (and that is supposedly more attractive).


A person on Weibo even went on to say, ‘To be honest, women with small breasts cannot squeeze out a heart shape.’ (Yeah sure! But what’s the point of this statement is what we find hard to understand.)

Another person wrote, ‘Who wants to have a competition with me?’ 


The trend is also catching up with middle-aged men who are trying to squeeze their breasts to attain a perfect heart shape. Not just that, the Chinese online censors had to take down a few images for they were coming across as risque.

The topic continues to trend as people keep sending their contributions. 

This isn’t the first time a trend like this one has gone viral. Previously, there was the ‘belly button challenge’ which caught up with 130 million users. To achieve this, one had to touch their navels by reaching around their backs. According to the organiser, the challenge was to test if the participants needed to lose weight.


And then there was a trend in which women tried holding the maximum number of coins on their collarbones in order to prove that they were more beautiful.


If that wasn’t enough, Chinese women have also tried proving to the world how skinny they are by wrapping banknotes around their wrists or comparing their waists with A4 sized paper.

Certainly, these trends are sparking a conversation amongst medical experts who have been claiming that trends such as these propagate deformed ideas of beauty in the population.