Somewhere in the mid-15th century, people started with self-portraits and today, it’s all about selfies. And frankly, we are very thankful for them. Why not? They have made socializing an easy task for everyone and helped many people express themselves better. But FYI, selfies weren’t our generation’s brainchild either. The first selfie officially dates back to the 19th century and was clicked by a professional photographer (quite understood).

So here’s a list of vintage selfies that will educate you on the origin of selfies and take you back in time!


1. This is officially the world’s first selfie, clicked by Robert Cornelius in 1839 using the daguerreotype process.


2. Here’s one by English photographer Joseph Byron, in 1909


3. Photojournalist Terry Fincher clicked one in 1966 with a fish-eye lens strapped to his boot

While parachuting no less.

4. A classic example of a mirror selfie by director Stanley Kubrick in 1949

5. Tony Ray-Jones, an English photographer in 1965 on the seaside


6. Here’s a selfie that Journalist Hunter S Thompson clicked on his way to Tijuana in the 1960s

7. Here’s Buzz Aldrin on the Gemini 12 mission in 1966


8. Another awesome space selfie by Neil Armstrong in 1969

9. Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna did it in her own classy way with a Kodak Brownie Box, in 1914

Such royal swag!

10. And not to mention, Paul McCartney, who claims he invented the selfie with this picture


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