Addictions are more like silent creepers. What starts out as an innocent one-off thing, soon becomes a habit and before you know, it has a vice-like grip on you. While most addictions are seen in a bad light, some can lend more joy than grief. And that aptly explains my relationship with Wai Wai noodles, that may be considered as a borderline addiction. In my defense, it’s such a versatile snack; you can leisurely munch on it or make a meal out of it. So obviously, I am obsessed about stuffing my face with it. 

There are many telltale signs of Wai Wai addiction, and here are some I’ve come across.

1. Your evening snack time has become ‘evening Wai Wai time.’


2. Your Mom is always angry because you’re always full. Because Wai Wai. 

3. You hate cooking but are willing to experiment only if it involves Wai Wai.

4. Wai Wai soup is your go-to option whenever you’re sick.


5. If you haven’t licked your bowl clean, you feel you haven’t done justice to your favourite noodles.

6. Your diet food and comfort food are the same.

7. Your family and friends count on you whenever they’re in the mood to have noodles.

8. You can gladly return and take favours in Wai Wai currency.

9. You can eat it straight out of the packet.

10. You are already craving for a bowl…

Craving for a bowl of Wai Wai right now? We have some good news for you. You don’t have to wait any longer to munch on a pack of your favourite snack, just rush to your nearest store, grab one and treat yourself!

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