Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket, has quite a few stories to his name. The innings played by him have been a source of happiness and pride for millions of fans worldwide. Sachin is also someone who has been one of the primary reasons behind those silly, memorable fights with our siblings over the TV remote and the inspiration behind reading the sports column.

In spite of all the great things he has achieved and the place he has in everybody’s hearts, there are things about him that will leave you with a smile, make you realize that he’s just one of us.

And just like all of us, Sachin Tendulkar wants banking to be an easy process. It’s no surprise to see that DBS bank has chosen Sachin Tendulkar as their brand ambassador. Just like Sachin excels in every aspect of life, DBS bank excels in providing valuable services to its customers, with services like 24/7 customer support, to an intuitive budget optimizer. A one-stop solution for all our banking and everyday needs.