We’ve all been through this predicament. It isn’t always because we’re broke; most often, we forget to buy more toothpaste and only remember it next morning when we reach for our brush and paste. We often give up when there’s very little toothpaste left inside the tube. But after stumbling upon this amazing article on WikiHow, I decided to share the secret on ‘how to squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste’ without much hassle. 

1. The hot water treatment

Ensure that the cap is screwed on tightly. Then invert the toothpaste into a bowl of hot water, for a few minutes. The toothpaste should then come out easily when pinched from the posterior end. 

2. Use a clothes peg

Pinch the far end of the tube with a clothes peg (preferably wooden, so it won’t break). Run it under hot tap water or invert it into a bowl of hot water. Wind the toothpaste around the peg. 

3. The ‘sharp edge’ hack

If there’s a paucity of time and you want free flowing toothpaste pronto, then find a table with a sharp edge. Put pressure on the edge of the table while holding the end of the tube. Glide the tube downwards, along the edge of the table (the fun part!) and you’re sorted. 

4. The rolling pin

Take a rolling pin and roll along the length of the toothpaste (bottom to top)

And if everything fails, use this classic hack

The ‘Cut it Apart’ hack

Helpful, isn’t it?

Feature image: Caminonola | Masthead image: Amazon