We all have days when all of a sudden right in the middle of doing usual chores, you get hiccups! And because it’s an involuntary action, you can’t help but bear with the sound. So, while you hic over and over again, feeling a little embarrassed and annoyed, you reach out for a glass of water, but nothing works and it takes its own sweet time before going away.

How about we tell you a simple trick to get rid of the annoying hiccups, instantly?


But before that, let us just tell you what causes hiccups. It’s actually the involuntary contraction of diaphragm, which make the vocal cords spasm. With each spasm, the larynx and vocal cords close suddenly, causing a sudden rush of air into the lungs, resulting in the ‘hic’ sound. These contractions can be triggered by over-eating, eating too fast, drinking carbonated beverages, or over consumption of alcohol, stress or even sudden changes in the temperature.

It has some health benefits too. While hiccuping, the windpipe is closed off, which prevents the food particles from getting into the lungs. But let’s just agree that they’re plain annoying!


There are many home tips to get rid of the hiccups. Some of the recommended ones include holding your breath for a while, swallowing sugar, leaning forward in order to compress your chest or pressing the little finger or pinkie for sometime. But these methods have generally been observed to not work. But there’s one trick that does!

All you have to do is drink water from the wrong side of the glass! Just bend down and try sipping in from the other side. And there it goes!

So next time when you get those annoying hics, you know what to do!