Looks like the idea of no-love-without-a-balloon has been around for quite some time, say about 452 years. The idea took off as a method to protect people against Syphilis and translated to the best contraceptive that not only controls pregnancy but makes sex better for many. For the ones, who hate rolling on those suffocating, rubbery gloves – wait up, the future smells like a super thin, skin-like latex.

Read on as we unwrap the history of the French letter for you. 

1. As early as 1564, Italian physician Gabriel Fallopius recommended the use of a protective linen sheath, soaked in chemicals and dried, to protect against Syphilis

2. In 1605, Catholic theologian Leonardus Lessius declared that condoms are illegal

Catholic churches haven’t changed much since then, has it?

3. In the 1600s, condoms made from animal intestines were first made available to the public. Because they were expensive, they were re-used

Glad we weren’t born then!

4. In 1839, Charles Goodyear invented rubber condoms

Yes, finally! And of course, it was a good year. 

5. Thanks to Frederick Killian, the world got its first latex condom in 1919

6. In 1931, condoms were often distributed to people serving in the American military and become standard issue for military men

 They also coined fun safe-sex slogans like “Don’t forget, put it on before you put it in.”

7. In 1957, Durex released the world’s first lubricated condom

Love. Sex. Durex. (Repeat)

8. In 1979, all the (regressive) U.S. laws banning condom advertising were dropped

A step to sanity!

9. In the 1980s, during the AIDS pandemic, condoms were marketed as a claim to prevent HIV virus as a result of which condom sales skyrocketed

They started being sold in a wider variety and flocked the market. Condoms for a greater cause!

10. Come 1990s, and a bunch of flavoured, coloured and ribbed condoms hit the market

11. In 1991, Danish inventor Lasse Hessel invented the first female condom – Femidom

As always, a little late when it comes to women. But then again, like they say, better late than never at all. 

12. Durex launched its first condom website in 1997

From website to emojis, Durex always does it right.

13. A few years back, in 2011, clinical trials of the Origami condom began

Origami condoms are an alternative to the good old rolled latex ones. Special because, it does a (much-needed) version for anal sex.

14. In 2013, Gates Foundation donated a huge sum of money for innovative, new generation condoms – expected to be skin-like and super thin. 

The foundation has said it could provide further funding of up to $1 million to develop a condom that would “enhance the pleasure so as to increase uptake”.

And so began the waiting period to finally put those super sheath next-gen condoms into action.