How often have you heard someone tell you their warped understanding of HIV and AIDS? I mean, I hope we’re all at a stage where pretty much everyone knows that AIDS chhoone se nahi failta. Right? 

*long pause* 

Of course everyone knows that!

But how many among us have knowledge of the virus that lets us truly understand the consequences of contracting it, the intricacies of living with it, and the realities of AIDS as a condition?

That is the question the noble peeps at Percept Pictures set out to put to rest. In a wonderful short film “(aids + b)²” they show just how skewed the common man’s understanding of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is. Basic questions of how it is spread and what contracting it may mean is explained through the innocent (and may I add, badass!) point of view of a child.

The film tells the story of a few days in little Morris’s life, his father’s misinformed ideas about HIV lead to him wondering if he has AIDS. And the way the young man dig deeper into his concerns has a powerful effect on us. The film urges the so-called grown-ups of our world to inform themselves at least for the sake of their children, and it motivates children to take charge of this fight against ignorance.

In this day and age, no information is out of reach. And no matter how grossly misinformed anyone else is, their parents included, kids can take it upon themselves to turn the tables and educate the ignorant, their parents included

Just like this rockstar does.

Watch the complete short here:

Because knowledge leads to power. And…

… Ignorance leads to nothing. “Tot-tal waste!”