Nobody likes falling sick. Especially, when it’s a cold that you’ve caught. Red nose, squeaky sneezes, and a sore throat – could it get any worse? 

Well, worry not. We’ve collected some of the best nuskhe for your speedy recovery. And the best part is that they’re all mommy certified!

1. Turmeric Milk

Good old Haldi waala doodh tops the list due to its antiseptic properties. Turmeric is known to treat cough and cold. And having it with warm milk gives instant relief to a sore throat and running nose. 

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2. Steam

Tried and tested, steam relieves your breathing troubles and is pretty easy to do. Simply heat some water in a bowl, inhale the hot vapours and welcome your nose back from the dead. 

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3. Carom seeds in boiling water

Carom seeds, also known as ajwain, are known to soothe chest congestion. Adding these seeds with tulsi leaves to boiling water can also help your cough-ridden throat. 

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4. Salt gargling

The most hassle free way to get rid of your cold – gargling with salt really helps. Just mix a teaspoon of salt to hot water and gargle.


5. Mixture of honey and ginger juice

One teaspoon of ginger juice with an equal quantity of honey, thoroughly mixed, is good to go for treating extreme levels of cough and cold. For better results, follow it up with a cup of warm milk. 


6.  Mixture of gram flour and ghee with milk

Roast besan and ghee together and add it to a glass of milk. This will help you finally breathe in peace.

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7. Basil water

Drinking basil (tulsi) water every day also helps fight cold.

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8. Dhooma Pan

Dhooma Pan refers to inhaling the smoke of burning turmeric for instant relief. Take a dried turmeric root, burn it and inhale the smoke. 

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9. Honey and brandy

Good old brandy keeps the chest warm, while honey fights the cough. 


10. Flaxseeds with lime juice and honey

Flaxseeds, known as alsi, also work wonders for cold. All you need to do is boil them until they thicken, and then strain them. Add a few drops of lime and honey to it and your cough will be taken care of. 



11. Garlic cloves in ghee

Cook garlic cloves in ghee and consume them as it is. This might taste bitter but helps when one is grappling with cough and cold. 


12. Jaggery Syrup

How about some gur for the soar throat? Boil water with black pepper, and add cumin and jaggery to it. This will prevent both cough and chest congestion. 

13. Carrot juice

Not many know this but a glass of freshly made carrot juice also helps in fighting cold. Try this out. 


14. Spiced Tea

Add tulsi, ginger and black pepper to your tea and kiss goodbye to your coughing troubles, all at once!


15. Amla

Amla works like a charm against everything that cripples your immune system, including fighting cold. 


Stay healthy!