Social media is a great platform to voice opinions, but unfortunately, it has also enabled people, who would otherwise never have the guts to say things face to face, spread their hateful opinions. Anonymous or not, social media flatters every senseless nincompoop and enables them to spread hate towards a particular group of people. 

Often, we say things without even considering what we are saying, not thinking about the repercussions and the pain that our statements might cause to people. But some people on the world wide web just don’t get it. 

These homophobic statements will make you realize how we all need to think twice before immortalizing our words on the Internet. 

WOW! Really now? 

Well, that ain’t unconditional love, right?

Not so wise, are we?

Yes, because they are so similar, right?

Oh man! Now there are a 100 things wrong with this one.

Goats? Where did they come from? 

Because hey, that’s all gay men do after all. 

Breaking news, honey, you’re a homophobe!

Don’t even get me started on child abuse!

Because they got no dicks anymore? 

Honey, you’re definitely homophobic. 

Or maybe them girls are just attracted to the same sex? Possible, right? 

KRK is the man, after all. 

Now that’s the kind of protest I like. 


To all the homophobes, Morgan’s got a message for y’all!


With Section 377 under review, let’s hope that we uphold basic human rights above everything else. Maybe then, this kind of insensitivity and ignorance will be replaced with respect and acceptance.