What these pictures show is exactly the barbarism that existed at a time, not too long ago. European and even American “white supremacists,” out of sheer hedonism, created human zoos where black and indigenous people were stripped down and de-humanized. 

This is just one of France’s many “Negro” villages, where humans were subjected to “animal-like” living conditions.


A baby on display in a human zoo in Belgium, being fed by white people. 


Bronx Zoo in the United States, where Ota Benga, a Congolese man, was thrown into cages with other animals. He was forced to carry apes and he even wrestled with an orangutan.


Another “Negro village” in France called “The World Fair”, where naked and semi-naked women and children were presented in cages.

Dandelion Stuff

A mother and child being displayed at a “Negro village” in Germany. This exhibit was extremely popular and was even visited by Otto von Bismarck.

Thinking Humanity

These people lived in a “makeshift” natural environment.


The 1931 Paris World Fair drew close to 34 million visitors!


Pygmies were forced to dance and entertain the visitors.


Indigenous people participating in archery at an event called “Savage Olympics Exhibition” in Saint Louis (1904).


These women served as “eye candy” for men because of their “curves”. They actually suffered from a condition that caused protuberant buttocks and elongated labia.

Guryomak Haber

Another barbaric exhibition in Russia.


Another French human encampment. 


Chained to the poles.


I’m glad the dark times are behind us, or are they?