Plain statistics dictate that most of those reading this have never travelled first class on a plane. I, for one, definitely fall in that group. And I don’t know about you guys, but there have been way too many times I’ve walked over to my cramped seat on a plane and wondered what the first class life is like.

Well, wonder no more. Here’s every way in which flying first class is different from boring ol’ economy.

1. First class travellers are always the first to board and disembark.

While economy class passengers wait patiently for their boarding groups, first class travellers are the first to board. Yes, even before families with young children, the elderly and the armed services.

2. These seats are pretty generous with space.

As you get prepare yourself for those few hours of being uncomfortably wedged into the tiny seats with not nearly enough legroom, first class welcomes passengers to a spacious throne and all the space one’s legs could possibly need.

3. And they recline as far back as you’d like.

The annoying, tease of a recline in economy chairs not only does practically nothing for your poor back, but also causes unnecessary tension with the person seated behind you. Meanwhile, first class offers a 180 degree recline on their chairs to give you complete comfort in all angles possible.

4. Sleepy on the flight? Behold, your very own bed.

Ever tried taking a nap on a flight? It’s always a struggle finding the right position that’ll let you nod off without causing too much embarrassment or stiffness later. Certain airlines, however, actually offer entire first class cabins where you literally have a whole bed to yourself.

5. Privacy will never be an issue travelling first class.

Privacy is a concept that is entirely lost in the crowded jungle that is the economy section, I think we can all agree. But first class travel gives you a your own area separated by a privacy screen. So you can enjoy your massage-chair, your own television, a vanity station, a mini bar and so on.

6. Your taste buds are treated to the very best, too.

Airplane food in economy has long been the object of much hate. And for good reason. But mind you, it’s a whole other story in first class with freshly cooked gourmet meals and free-flowing bubbly going around.

7. The superb service staff in first class are at your beck and call.

The service in economy is mediocre at best. A handful of mildly annoyed flight attendants is all the hundreds of passengers get. The staff in first class, on the other hand, know your name, your allergies, even your pyjama size and make it their business to make sure you have what you need at all times.

8. But the biggest difference between economy and first class would have to be the price!

If I paid up to five times as much as an economy class ticket, my expectations would certainly be higher than the altitude of the plane. And the airlines obviously know that. Hence the larger-than-life luxury! And I’m sure no one’s complaining.

I believe we all have but one take away from this. I have to fly first class someday!!! Hey bhagwan! Sunn raha hai na tu?!