Everyone works hard, everyone goes through a great deal of toil; but what separates the cream from the rock bottom? The classical proverb that says “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently,” is akin to litany that garners a unanimous nod of approval. Here’s what highly successful people do and you don’t:

They stay away from pressing the ‘snooze’ button, always

I know this re-iteration may pass off as ‘redundant’, but most successful people would swear by this habit. The early bird does indeed, get the worm. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to spring out of bed and spend your mornings figuring out how to get work done. Most folks who have carved a niche for themselves, wake up in the morning just to exercise, listen to music and read the news. Basically, this gives you a good head start to the day, and that one extra hour could be the reason behind you taking that leap at work. 


And plan and prioritize things, well in advance

Once you’re done with your early morning ritual, ensure that you have a ‘plan’ for the day. Highly successful people often adhere to a ‘daily agenda’ sheet that they maintain. Prioritizing tasks is a sign of dedicated workmanship. Tasks that require your immediate attention should be struck-off the list first. This helps you tackle major hurdles during the first few hours of the day (when the mind is the most active).

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Keep distractions to a minimal 

You won’t believe, distractions cost U.S. businesses a whopping $600 billion, annually. That’s enough to buy 2 cups of Starbucks everyday, per year for every person in Brazil! Besides the monetary downward spiral, the ‘sneaky’ time can undermine concentration and make it hard for you to stay focused on a task. Even worse, it could derail your train of thoughts. The best way to cut distractions is to keep social media indulgence at bay, put your phone away (lest there’s an emergency) and make the most of your time. 


Never stop learning

Learning never stops and lifelong learning is the rudimentary drill to becoming an outstanding performer in today’s fast-paced world. “You must always move forward, if not forward, then at least sideways; but you must keep on moving.” Learning can be in terms of building skill, even learning the smallest of skills, can make you a more successful person. 


There’s no rocket science to success. It’s just repetition until perfection!