Sarahah is not just the newest social media trend on the block, it is also the cause of a fresh Internet storm, and the reason why I am avoiding my social media accounts. 

It has fast become an addiction for many, an annoyance for most, and some people are just blissfully unaware of this new thang.   


But are you one of those who are annoyed by the constant string of oncoming Sarahah posts on your Facebook Timelines? We feel you. 

Let’s just put it out there: We don’t care about what someone has said about you anonymously. And we really do not want to see more Facebook and Instagram stories of you responding to those Sarahah confessions. 

For those of you who are too busy in life to know what Sarahah is (lucky bastards!), it is an “honesty application” designed for people to leave anonymous confessions on your page. The mobile application’s page says “Sarahah helps people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback”. 


Because what it HAS turned into is another way to either deteriorate or boost your ego. I mean how much validation do we need as a generation, you guys?

But fret not. 

Anshul Mittal (who is my new favorite person) has cooked up a Google Chrome Extension that removes any post from your feed which has the word Sarahah in it. 

“I mean it makes no sense. Why would we want to know about the personal messages you have received? So, this Sunday, I was sitting with a friend who was equally frustrated with the application and that is when I got the idea. It was all a matter of a few hours and codes”,  Anshul Mittal, who graduated from NIT (Jaipur) last year, told ScoopWhoop. 

Not just that, the extension also looks for text-y images, and removes images which it believes is a Sarahah screenshot. 

We tried the extension and hallelujah! It works!

Here’s the link.