With all the crazy and stressful situations that life throws at you, it sometimes becomes easier to turn the brain off and fall asleep. Especially during winters. It is that time of the year when getting out of the bed becomes the toughest task. To help you with all the drowsiness, here are 12 of the most effective life hacks to stay awake throughout the day while you’re at home or at office. 

1. Put on some music

Whether you’re struggling with no-sleep at home, at office or in an ATM queue, try listening to your favourite music. It’s like taking a little mental break when things are falling apart in your sleepy head.

2. Switch up the tasks 

It’s just another way of keeping the brain active. Say for instance, take a break from typing on a computer and recollect your thoughts in a diary instead.

3. Try the peppermint toothpaste

The refreshing scent of peppermint can help you feel energised during those long tiresome hours. Not that hard of a task, or is it?

4. Get sunlight

Natural light has a lasting effect on a person’s mind and body as it makes him or her feel less moody and more energetic. And if you can’t get out into sunlight, find some bright light indoors for a perfect energy boost.

5. Walk around and breathe some fresh air

It is one of the easiest tasks that you can do while at work. You won’t believe it but a 5-minute walk can give you a much needed productivity boost during stressful hours.

6. Avoid foods that cause drowsiness

Avoid eating dinner and lunch at odd hours and try sticking to foods containing healthy carbohydrates, protein and fats like omega 3s. Needless to say, a big no to processed foods and sugary drinks. 

7. Coffee!

No surprise here! Coffee and other caffeinated drinks act as a stimulant and contribute a lot in keeping a person alert and awake.

8.  The 20 minute power nap after lunch

If you can’t take it any longer, down an espresso and take a power nap for not more than 20 minutes. Because if nothing helps, power napping does contribute to improve a person’s performance, as compared to sleep deprivation.

9. Energy bars

In order to get the most out of your day, make sure your bag always has some energy bars hidden inside. Not only will a portion of an energy bar offer you sustained energy but will also keep you away from binging on sugar.

10. The cold water splash

While you’r at work, you can fuel your fatigued brain by splashing cold water on your face. It can work wonders if you want to feel invigorated in a hurry.

11. Lemon water/green tea

It is a proven fact that green tea boosts metabolism and makes a person feel fresh. With less caffeine (and a weird taste!), it also keeps a person hydrated. And as far as lemon water is concerned, it is great for better mental performance and less brain fog, thus helping you stay alert throughout the day.

12. Follow a solid morning routine and stay fresh throughout the day

Starting your day off with an effective morning routine is another (read: the best possible) great way to set up your cadence for the rest of the day. All you’ve got to do is begin your day early and incorporate some light exercises in your schedule.

All you need to function more effectively when you’re low on energy!