You know how the superheroes in X-Men series possess a superpower which sets them apart from normal human beings? While those superheroes are those with genetic mutation and are fictional, there’s one man in UPs’ Muzzafarnagar who plays with electric current and live wires as if he’s made of wood!

Electricity is food for 42-year-old Naresh Kumar whose body can withstand high voltage.


Naresh Kumar, who is employed at a government hospital where he assists doctors during post mortems, wasn’t always aware of this ‘power.’ He made this accidental discovery six years ago when one day, on mistakenly touching a live wire, he didn’t receive any electric shock. 

That was the moment of epiphany for Kumar who then began testing the limits of his newly-found ability by touching electrical appliances of higher voltage. He also realised that electricity charges him just like food providing energy. 

Ever since, Naresh Kumar plugs into a live wire and lets the current pass until he’s all full and believes that 80 % of his body is made up of electricity now. 

He’s now called the Human Light Bulb!

While talking to Cover Asia Press, he said:

Whenever I feel hungry and there’s no food in the house I hold naked wires and within half an hour I’m satisfied. I eat electricity like it’s food.  

His ability has piqued his interest in electric current so much that you’ll find live wires everywhere in his house. His wife, Sharmishta, however, is not pleased with her husband’s unusual talent. She also says that before he had made this discovery, he used to eat around 12 chappatis but now his diet has significantly reduced since he gets his major source of energy from the electric current. 

While talking to the Cover Asia Press, she said: 

There are no switches, and sometimes my children and I fear, we’ll get an electric shock. 

But Naresh Kumar is convinced that this rare power will definitely earn him appreciation among people. He told the Cover Asia Press:

I know I’m unique. Not everyone can do this. My wife is not impressed but surely other people will be. 

Here’s a video of Naresh Kumar turning into a Human Light Bulb.

Interesting, ain’t it!