There’s a reason why humans and dogs have been friends for thousands of years. And it’s because of this unshakeable love that their relationship has gone far beyond that of a man and a pet.

For one of their posts, Humans of Bombay captured a beautiful bond between a man and his furry friend and you’ll be hard-pressed to think of any other form of love that is so pure and innocent.

Explaining the mutual understanding that he shares with his dog, the man told HOB:  

We have an understanding between us. He knows I’m old and can’t take him out for walks anymore, so he goes by himself every evening and comes back in one hour on the dot.

He further tells how this cute little ball goes for a walk all by himself and comes back in time!

What he does, where he goes — I don’t know, but I trust him. He’s mature enough…he’s 12 years old, so we’re both old souls like that. Till today, he’s never missed his curfew — he knows I’m waiting for him to return.

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*Feeling a rush of Oxytocin*