The cliche ‘dog is a man’s best friend’ has been around for good reason. Ask Mark Wood from Cornwall, UK, whose pet dog Walnut, an 18-year-old whippet was slowly succumbing to his ill health. Therefore Wood decided to give his friend a perfect farewell by putting up a Facebook post asking other animal lovers to join in for Walnut’s last walk to the beach. 

The Facebook post found favour pretty quickly as it had more than 7500 comments within a few hours and on Saturday morning when Woods and Walnut reached the spot, they found hundreds of enthusiasts who had come along with their pet dogs for Walnut’s last walk to the beach. Walnut would be put down later that afternoon.

Woods would later take to Facebook again to announce that Walnut had been put down on Saturday afternoon, but seeing so many companions on his last walk had made the day that much more easier. He even took the opportunity to thank the hundreds who had showed up for the final stroll.

Woods would also concede that his pet whippet had been with him through two marriages and three engagements, saying they had been through everything together. And considering how this breed generally survives for only 13 years on an average, it can be said Walnut had a good life.